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You are blind. You are alone (at least you would really hope to be). You are in an unfamiliar house and the only way you can see is echolocation.
Right now there are very few sound (and in the case of this game - vision) sources, but if the game makes it, I wish to add throwable objects.

The consept in the furture will be a Visage-like survival game with a few monsters like a giant beast, classic creepy ghost-like crying girl and other phantoms. My aim is not to make a super-beneficial product, but to make the game scary af for the veterans of horror genre that struggle to get scared. I have read some psycological documentation and I guess I can do it even with such poor low-poly graphics. The game will be significantly terryfying for people with Arachnophobia, Ophidiophobia, Astraphobia, Achluophobia (naturally), Anginophobia and other major phobias. I will do my best to scare as many horror lovers as possible and create one of the scariest games in history.

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